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The Responses: Whom am I Going to Ask?

The more people who want to answer my question, “How will we live tomorrow?” the better. For starters, I plan to ask four specific groups: people I know; people I don’t know, people in power today; and people who offer … Continue reading

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The Question: How Will We Live Tomorrow?

As I travel across 48 states, I plan to ask people along the way, “How will we live tomorrow?” Why ask a question? Why ask that particular question? A ready question is a conversation starter. Traveling alone is conducive to … Continue reading

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The Route: Where and Why?

I want to ride my bicycle to all 48 contiguous United States. I don’t know why. The idea lodged in my head a few years ago and the itch just keeps growing. Bicycling across country is noteworthy but hardly unique; … Continue reading

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Welcome to How Will We Live Tomorrow?

1984 is behind us. We’ve danced like its 1999. 2001 came and went without a space odyssey. Even Back the Future II is in our rear view mirror. So what lies ahead? Are we doomed to Blade Runner’s bleak future … Continue reading

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