How will we live tomorrow? – Responses

How will we live tomorrow?

“I feel that by positioning ones self and preparing for the future allows the future to find you. It can’t be forced but if you put the pieces in place the future will find you. Kind of like finding a spouse or a cute little rescue dog ;-)”

Paul Kingsbury, Owner of Kingsbury Cyclery, Elmira NY

How will we live tomorrow?

“I spend time thinking about the rate of technological change. I look at future shock in a microscope. Material development is so fast. I don’t know where it will end up, and am hesitant to make predictions. But the change is so fast.”

Ben, PhD. Candidate in Experimental Physics with focus on electron microscopy at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

How will we live tomorrow?

“That’s easy. I live tomorrow for my twin two-year olds. Since they’ve been born I’ve been so much better. I quit smoking. I don’t drink as much. I am doing the right thing for them.”

Audie, McDonald’s employee, Corning, NY

How will we live tomorrow? 

“My hope and wish that we will live in a world of clean air and water, renewable energy, equality, and kindness towards all living creatures.”

Abhi Ganju, Physician and artist, Chicago, IL

How will we live tomorrow?

“In togetherness.”

Douglas Stabley, Administrator, Elmira, NY

How will we live tomorrow?

“You can’t lose track of where you’ve been or else you lose appreciation for what you have today.”

Pat Monahan, Events Coordinator, 1796 B. Patterson House, Corning, NY

How will we live tomorrow?

IMG_1978“Right now I live today and tomorrow for my mother. My dad died last year and Mom has to move on. We live in Bloomsburg, but we’re here every weekend. Next month is the auction. We have to sell off 54 years of stuff. Then mom can come and live near us.”

Beth, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Las Vegas aficionado, Rebersburg, PA

How will we live tomorrow?

“I will be here, where the light is so nice and the space is so beautiful that you forget the world outside.”

Karen, Docent, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY

How will we live tomorrow?

“I turned 60 a few years ago and thought, whoa, this is the day to start doing the bucket list. I retired; I went sailing on a tall ship. Now I have so many projects but need to set aside time to actually do them.”

David, Software Engineer, Washington, D.C.

How will we live tomorrow?

“Tomorrow is going to be just like the past thirty years.”

Paul Kingsbury, Owner of Kingsbury Cycling since 1981,Elmira, NY

How will we live tomorrow 

“Hopefully, better than today.”

Joella, Cashier at Woody’s in Gillett, PA

How will we live tomorrow?

“We have to have faith in the right direction.”

Terry Barton, wife of Iraqi veteran, Trout Run, PA

How will we live tomorrow?

“When I get a crystal ball, I’ll let you know.”

Mike, World Little League Museum, Williamsport, PA







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