Trip Log – Day 84 – Pleasant Grove, UT to Bountiful, UT

Provo to BountifulJuly 28, 2015 – Sunny, 80 degrees

Miles Today: 47

Miles to Date: 4,750

States to Date: 19

Salt Lake City Adventures!

I got up and out early – back on the Murdoch Creek trail by 5:30 a.m. to get to CR England trucking company’s headquarters in industrial west Salt Lake by ten. The 42 miles trip looked manageable – almost all bike trails. My directions showed a gap between the Murdoch Creek Trail and Jordan River Trail, but the trail signage indicated they were connected. So I followed the signs and was feeling confident. By seven I had logged fourteen miles and turned a beautiful bend along the Jordan River Trail when – bam – it ended in a gravel quarry.

imgresI backtracked four miles, my mind racing as fast as my feet to make up lost time. I couldn’t possibly make it to my appointment by ten. Time to ramp up to faster mode. I’d passed the Lehi City commuter train station and decided to catch a train to Salt Lake City and pedal to CR England from there. A train approached as I rolled into the station, I slid down the ramp below the tracks and pressed up the ramp to the platform. The conductor waved me into the bicycle car and I rumbled north with only a general idea where I was going. The route schedule listed disembarking options. The conductor walked by and gave me a knowing smile; she never asked for my ticket. Earnest looking people can commit minor infractions with impunity. I got off at Salt Lake Central Station, cycled south and west through the city grid and arrived at CR England by 9:10 a.m.

After talking about trucking tomorrow I meandered back toward the city and passed the LDS Church Humanitarian Center. Intrigued, I stopped. The engaging receptionist explained the center’s purpose and invited me on a tour, where I learned about the Mormon’s international relief efforts. Back in the saddle, I pedaled to my one o’clock meeting at Palmer Court, a supportive housing program for homeless people. I left, close to three, famished, and overwhelmed by three consecutive interviews.

imgres-1 IMG_3165 copy IMG_3185

I stopped by Winger’s in downtown for a burger and fires. My waitress was a warm, chatty woman fascinated by my trip. She revealed that she’s homeless. I shuddered at the eerie coincidence, as I just came from meeting formerly homeless people. We talked about her options for permanent housing and wished each other well on our respective pursuits. I rode through downtown, past Temple Square and the Capital, on north to Bountiful.

I arrived at my sister-in-law Julie’s place after five. Jessica and David, two of Julie’s children, joined us, along with David’s wife Jennifer and Jessica’s children Ammon and Emma. My niece and nephew left after dinner; Julie and I had a lot of catching up to do. We talked ‘til midnight.



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