2 Responses to Trip Log – Day 112 – Bothell, WA to Seattle, WA

  1. Doug Irvine says:

    Hi Paul,

    Wanted to drop you a note and say I am really enjoying your blog and the idea behind your trip. I heard about your trip somehow when you were going thru Seattle where I live in the Montlake neighborhood.

    My Dad and I did a cross country trip many years ago when I was in college. As you describe, we found basically everybody to be super friendly and the experience of seeing America from a bike to be fantastic. I really enjoyed experiencing the variety this country can offer. We went over 4000 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge up thru the Northern States to the Brooklyn Bridge taking about 2 months. Your stories bring back great memories of that trip.

    Still thinking about the answer to how I will live tomorrow and will get back to you on that. I can say I have been talking with my own 11 yr old son about doing a trip like this when he is old enough.

    Enjoy the rest of your journey!

    Doug Irvine
    Seattle, WA


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