Trip Log – Day 113 – Seattle, WA

Bothell to SeattleAugust 26, 2015 – Sunny, 65 degrees

Miles Today: 14

Miles to Date: 6,221

States to Date: 22

IMG_3701I woke up to a Seattle panorama this morning. My host said, “Lots of people in Seattle have good views.”  The fact that its shared does not distract from its magnificence.

Seattle is a joy in every respect. It’s the first city I’ve been in that treats cycling as a legitimate form of transportation. The bike routes are well marked and connect places of work as well as places to play. Bike lanes are robust and vehicle drivers treat cyclists as equal participants on the pavement.

IMG_3717 IMG_3716

Seattle is also growing – fast. I don’t know if the city invented the Lego style of mid-rise condo development with boxy pop-outs of varied cutouts and materials, flat roofs, and angular surfaces, but they are everywhere, and more are under construction.

IMG_3714 IMG_3702 IMG_3720

I had a series of interesting interviews today that took me to several different neighborhoods: Atlantic, Belltown, North Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill. My routes went through Seattle University, past the Gates Foundation Building (very elegant) and Gehry’s Experience Music Project (everything but elegant). Thank goodness for my granny gears – the gradient of many Seattle streets is steeper than any US Highway.

 images-1 images

My warmshowers hosts were a delight. They topped off a great dinner with molten chocolate cake that was so rich I had a difficult time getting to sleep. Or maybe it was because I only rode 14 miles. Or maybe it was because I am a city guy at heart, excited by the pulse of this place.

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2 Responses to Trip Log – Day 113 – Seattle, WA

  1. A friend sent me your article that brings back memories of my U.S.A. Bicycle Perimeter trip back in 1978-79. Started and finished in Seattle, the center of all bicycling at that time. Found Americans to be generous, kind, loving and wanting to share their life stories and concern for the future. In travelling around the USA, I saw hope, optimism and a great future for America. And, today, I can truly verify the optimism and hope through the many developments and accomplishments over these past 37 years; and still have great hope for the future. Our country is amazing. The people are amazing. This has been exemplified time after time. We live in a country of hope, kindness and giving – and where anyone can achieve, regardless of any boundaries set by individuals or organizations. America offers great hope for the world. My U.S. Perimeter trip proved that to me and so has the past 37 years!

    When you get to Tucson, contact me. You have a place to stay and food to eat!

    Richard J. DeBernardis, U.S. Perimeter Bicyclist – 12,092 Miles in 180 days, 1979-82 Guinness World Record Holder


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