4 Responses to Profile Response: Katie and Ian Ferguson, Bothell, WA

  1. Amanda Nash says:

    Wow, dude, when you’re talking about good parenting it’s particularly glaring that neither you nor, apparently, your hosts, know how to use an apostrophe. I don’t usually correct people’s writing without being asked (I’m an editor, so I do frequently get asked), but I. The context of good parenting…



  2. Jeanne Large says:

    I just read your response to your visit with the Ferguson family in Bothell, WA. You give me reason to think again about “How we will live tomorrow.” Being caring, responsible members of our families, our communities and our world and bringing out the best in ourselves and each other have got to be basic tenets. How positive and inspiring it is to think about parents’ roles. I loved Ian’s message, “I want to treat people better, love people more….I want to make the world better by respecting others more. I want to expand my respect for others beyond my immediate family.” These principles have a place in our homes, in our communities and in the world.

    Thank you.

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  3. paulefallon says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jeanne.


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