Responses: How will we live tomorrow?

HWWLT Logo on yellowHow will we live tomorrow?

“My wish is that all children be born into loving families where they can grow toward ‘who they need to be’. This would have a profound effect on how we live tomorrow. Our future would have limitless possibilities filled with kindness, integrity and love. “

Pat Bringenberg, School Administrator, Denver, CO

How will we live tomorrow?

“I am not afraid of getting old. I used to run a Senior Center. We had a woman, 100, who still came to exercise class. Now, I work here with seniors. I see every year getting better, every decade. We become freer, more fully ourselves.”

Cynthia Andrews, Coach at Iora Healthcare, radio host of Living it up after Fifty, Seattle, WA

How will we live tomorrow?

“Very blessed.”

Rachel, mother, Fresno, CA

How will we live tomorrow?

“I think we (society) must pull together with empathy and compassion for all, or we will crumble from greed and ignorance.”

Brad Simkins, online college student, Madera, CA

How will we live tomorrow?

“Tomorrow we will live in a very futuristic world. Many things will probably be extinct, but maybe technology will be so futuristic that we can live on other planets.”

Hunter Simkins, seventh grader Madera, CA

How will we live tomorrow?

“People need to stop just thinking about today and start thinking about today and tomorrow or we will destroy ourselves.”

Jasmine Simkins, payroll manager, Madera, CA

How will we live tomorrow?

“I am very concerned about water in California. I live on a walnut farm as a caretaker. My husband and I have been here 23 years. Two generations ago the aquifer was 30 feet deep. Now it is 300 feet deep. We need more dams and more water storage. If we turn the valley into a desert we’ll have to get our food from South America.

“We have too many people on earth. I believe in birth control, not abortion. I saw a diagram on the Internet. Now, you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet. But this diagram sowed that 48% of all deaths in the United States are due to abortion.

“I don’t want one world government. That’s where we’re headed.

“I speak for the average person.”

Anita, Wal-Mart shopper, Madera, CA

How will we live tomorrow?

“We believe that God can take us any day. We live every day as if it’s our last.”

Alex, college age protestor at Planned Parenthood, Fresno, CA

How will we live tomorrow?

“Being caring, responsible members of our families, our communities and our world and bringing out the best in ourselves and each other have got to be basic tenets..”

Jeanne Large, online blog reader

How will we live tomorrow?

“When I first came here there was no discussion of climate change. Now it is a recognized phenomenon.”

Melanie Thornton, surgical nurse, Wenatchee, WA

How will we live tomorrow?

“I have a lot ideas about tomorrow.”

Don, Volunteer Patrolman, Douglas County, NV

How will we live tomorrow?

“We have to give back to our community.”

Nancy, Volunteer Patrolman, Douglas County, NV

How will we live tomorrow?

“In Europe there is consensus about climate change. Now we’re working on solutions to burn less carbon”

Matt Jackson, long distance cyclist from England, Wenatchee, WA

How will we live tomorrow?

“Cycling puts us in a fundamental rhythm and connection to the natural environment. We need more of that.”

Nicholas Kazan, cycled from Portugal to Turkey along ancient Roman roads, Reno, NV

How will we live tomorrow?

“This is my last week. I’ve been here 32 years and I’m going on to a new career in real estate.”

Rico Leo, Smart Grocery clerk, Lodi, CA




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