Trip Log – Day 181 – Los Angeles, CA

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.23.31 PMNovember 2, 2015 – Clouds, rain 65 degrees

Miles Today: 19

Miles to Date: 9,332

States to Date: 25

If there is any doubt that LA is literally the opposite corner of the country in every respect from my home world; that was dispelled today. Bostonians are so used to rain it’s just a nuisance; it’s the sun we adore. But in the land of the eternal sunshine – and record drought – nothing is greeted with more acclaim than rain.

IMG_5042The forecast was 70% change of rain. In the morning that dropped to 30%, and moods proportionately plummeted. My lunchtime companions compared various weather apps; ranging from 70% to 90% change of rain at 6 p.m. I spent the day in Northeast LA, meeting with insurance brokers and The Unusual Suspects, a non-profit theater group that works with incarcerated and disadvantaged youth. I also visited the gorgeous campus of Occidental College and the gentrifying neighborhood of Highland Park: juice bars and sushi restaurants next to pool halls and bodegas.

30611 images-1 images-2


My first day of riding after the end of daylight savings time caught me short, and I had to scurry back to my niece’s before it got dark. The clouds were thick, the traffic thicker. I saw some ferocious fender benders and slithered through long lines of stalled vehicles. Within a few blocks I passed the multimillion dollar International Style homes along Silver Lake Boulevard, the makeshift hovels of shopping carts and tarps under the railroad bridge, the banners proclaiming Frank Gehry’s new tilted high-rise exhibit at LAMCA, and stucco bungalows girdled with iron bars and spear-headed fences. Los Angels is too spread out to have the face-to-face encounters of income disparity I witnessed in San Francisco. Here, it’s all expressed in where people live.

images-3 images-5 images-6 images-4

I got home by five as the first drops splattered. Within ten minutes it was pouring outside but I was in a warm shower. Within an hour the rain was over and LA began to dry out from its big event.

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  1. Larry Gerstner says:

    I was in Orange County September 15 when they had 2.5 inches of rain! It was the rainiest September day in the area in more than 30 years. People were happy about it although it was not raining over the reservoirs.


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