Responses: How will we live tomorrow?

HWWLT Logo on yellowHow will we live tomorrow?

“My idea is a macro-micro house, comfortable for one or two people. It’s a large space with a loft. It minimizes footprint and maximizes usable space. About 600 square feet. It’s a small thing that contains all the conveniences you need.”

Ben, tiny house dweller, Newbern AL

“350 square feet is fine for me, but not for everyone. I don’t have a washing machine or a dishwasher. I am my own dishwasher.”

How will we live tomorrow?

“Seven. That’s my canned answer to everything.”

Dorian LaCaze, middle school dancer, Russellville AR

How will we live tomorrow?

“I find myself frequently asking that question. We were watching About Time.” It made me think of my life and what I’m doing. I’m 23 and there are so many things I want to do, but I don’t do them. I don’t know how I will live tomorrow, but I am open to the possibilities.”

Jasmine Remy, hospitality major, Russellville AR

How will we live tomorrow?


Dixon Wise, fireside sitter, Jackson MS

How will we live tomorrow?

“How will we live tomorrow?  Perhaps how ‘should’ we live tomorrow? (please excuse the shift in question).. 



More accepting of our differences.  

More celebratory in our diversity. 

Closer to the land. 

More respectful.

More content with what we have.


Less fearful…”

Miles Ford, sustainable builder, Seattle WA

How will we live tomorrow?

“Not very well if we don’t change our ways. I am very frightened for our children and our children’s children. That’s me on a personal basis.”

Teresa, National Park Service, Selma AL

How will we live tomorrow?

“It’s an intimidating question. I hope we all live with best intentions. I want us to lead our lives by seeing the connections between us.”

Abby, WOOFer, Marion Junction AL

How will we live tomorrow?

“It’s all here in this book, All the Wild that Remains. David Gessner compares Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner. That pretty much covers it.”

Ray, intellectual who explained Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner to me, Seaside FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“I don’t want to give a smart-ass answer cause I think there’s a lot to think about.

“If we don’t ignore it, with yesterday’s guidance.”

Joel, Best Buy clerk, Montgomery AL

How will we live tomorrow?

“I think things will get much better once Trump is in office, if the people will get behind him.”

Jerry, retired veteran, DeFuniak Springs, FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“Man, that is too far.”

Trey, Winn-Dixie cashier, Panama City Beach FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“Better than today. I want to learn from what I discovered today to make tomorrow better.”

Meg, receptionist, DeFuniak Springs, FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“By the Power of Love.”

Joe, with Huey Lewis playing in the background, Panama City Beach FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“I want to live in Costa Rica and go fishing and live in a hammock.”

Joe, other Joe’s dad, Panama City Beach FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“I try to live frugally. I try to conserve. I try to keep a low carbon footprint. Eventually I think we’re all going to have to do that. We can’t keep driving SUV’s all over town as we continue to burn fuel as we do.

I’d like to think that people don’t live to keep up with their neighbors. When I lived in LA that was the mindset, but I don’t agree that is everywhere.

“We cannot live in fear. I don’t have a TV. I don’t watch news. It changes our mindset about other people.”

Martin Oldfield, retired civil engineer, Seacrest FL

How will we live tomorrow?

“One of the reasons our country is so substantial, so much more economically successful than the rest of the world are our private property rights. If Trump will remain faithful to what he says and appoints Constitutionalists to the Court, we will see property rights bolstered and our economy will boom.

“There is nothing more suspicious than a ‘do gooder.’ Remember Reagan’s nine most dubious words, ‘I am from the government; I am here to help.””

Jake, studied law, Panama City Beach FL


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